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Welcome to the Philadelphia Baduk Association

In December 2007, the Philadelphia Baduk Association moved to a new location. They are just three storefronts down the street (heading east on Cheltenham Ave.) from their former site.

To find the new playing site, look for the storefront below (photo on left), then walk to the rear of the building (photo on right), where you will see a door with a stairwell leading downstairs. You'll also see a sign that says "Baduk" in Hangul (bottom photo).

The new facility is NON-SMOKING! Players who wish to smoke may do so outside.

Philadbaduk Philadbaduk Philadbaduk

The Philadelphia Baduk Association, a registered chapter of the American Go Association, is a Go club with strong ties to the Korean community of North Philadelphia. The club boasts a range of Go players from 8 kyu to 8 dan.

The Philadelphia Baduk Association is open to the general public. Anyone is welcome to come and play, regardless of playing ability, from beginners to experts alike. Newcomers are advised to note that not everyone in the club speaks English. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is hospitable, teaching games are in abundance, and the language common to everyone is Go!

Address: The Philadelphia Baduk Association has moved to a new location. We will provide a new address once it becomes available. Get detailed directions to the club.

Hours: Open every day, seven days a week, usually from 2 p.m. onward. The club closes when the last person leaves, though all-night playing sessions on the weekend do occur.

Playing Fees: $5.00 / one day. $40.00 / one month. $400.00 / one year.

View of the photo of the club's exterior.

Any questions? Please email Vice-President Peter Nassar at pnassar@vet.upenn.edu, or call Peter at (215) 898-6271 (weekdays, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.). If you speak Korean, you can call the club at (215) 782-4646.

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