Fall 2008 Jennie Shen Go Workshop

In the fall of 2008, the Penn Go Society had the priviledge of inviting professional Go player Jennie ShenJing, 2p, to its inaugural Go workshop. The three-day event - held at the University of Pennsylvania from December 12-14, 2008 - was organized and directed by Peter Nassar and Matt Bengtson. Twenty enthusiastic Go players, from 20-kyu to 5-dan came to Penn's campus to take part in an intense Go extravaganza.

We extend our thanks to the Ing Foundation Professional Teaching Program, for helping to underwrite the workshop; and to all our club members who helped us set up and break down the event!

Fans of Jennie Shen's lectures may find more of her keen Go insights in her audio lectures on Guo Juan's Internet Go school, available here. A free 54 minute audio lecture by Jennie Shen from Guo Juan's Internet Go School may be found here. Taken from one of Jennie's recent tournament matches, this audio review provides an excellent illustration for how to use thickness during a game.

We were also fortunate to have Go players who double as bloggers attend our workshop, including Terri Shurter and Karen Ogg. You can read about Terri's account of the weekend here and Karen's wrap-up here. Our thanks to both of you!

Click on any of the images to view a larger version. (Photos by Peter Nassar, Matt Bengtson, and Karen Ogg)

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