Go Books and Equipment

Go Books and Equipment in the Greater Boston Area

Name LocationPhone Number BooksEquip.
The Games People Play 1100 Mass. Ave
Cambridge, Ma
617- 492-0711 XX
Tokai1815 Mass. Ave (Porter Exchange)
Cambridge, MA
Leavitt & Pierce Inc.1316 Mass. Ave (Harvard Square)
Cambridge, MA
617-547-0576 X
Yoshinoya 36 Prospect St. (Central Square)
Cambridge, MA
Cambridge Brewing Company One Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA
617-494-1994 X*
Sasuga Japanese Bookstore 96 Clematis Ave
Waltham, MA
781-891-5055 X 
Scholars'34 Central Square
Bridgewater, MA

* No equipment available for sale, but has a set available for use by customers.

There are also many great places online where you can purchase Go books and equipment. The American Go Association maintains a list of such websites.

If you know of any other places that sell Go books and/or equipment in the greater Boston area, or if any of this information is out of date (or incorrect), please contact Becci.