Beginners Night

The rules of go are simple to learn, but it is seldom obvious to a newcomer, just from the rules, how the game works. Most people need to play a few games with an experienced player to get a sense of how the rules apply to actual play. In addition, the necessary elementary techniques can be learned far more efficiently from an experienced player/teacher than from books or from games with other beginning players.

In order to facilitate the initial learning process, the Massachusetts Go Association has instituted a specially designated Beginners Night on the first Tuesday of every month, from 7 to 10 pm.

On that night, in addition to regular play, experienced players and teachers are guaranteed to be present and available to anyone who wants to learn the rules or get some elementary instruction. There is no charge to beginners for entry to the club, instruction, or use of our go library.

The Massachusetts Go Association is located at 240B Elm Street (the Social Security Building) in Davis Square, Somerville (see map). Somerville is just north of Cambridge. Davis Square is on the MBTA Red Line, between Porter Square and Alewife, and is also served by several bus routes. Over the past several years, Davis Sq. has become a trendy place to be and consequently parking has become scarcer.Keep circling, and something should eventually open up. The phone number at the club is (617) 629-0110. The beginner's night coordinator is Howie Marshall who can be emailed at