GoCD - Download the which can be expanded into a directory and burned on a CD for distribution to beginners or used directly from that directory.  

A unique feature of the GoCD is that the installation for Igowin has been modified to create a "Start Menu" entry and a desktop shortcut so that less sophisticated users can actually find Igowin after installation.  Igowin, itself, has not been modified.  (The installation from the Author of Igowin, copies Igowin into a directory under "Program Files" and creates no "Start Menu" entry or shortcut.  It can be found at Smart-Games.)

Note: the installer for Igowin on this page does not work for Vista,  also the help/tutorial for any version of Igowin does not work on Vista.  Igowin does still play correctly on Vista, but must be installed from the Smart-Games site.

The contents from the readme.txt file in GoCD are as follows:

Welcome to Go(English), Baduk(Korean), Igo(Japanese), Wei-Qi(Chinese)

This CD contains the following program, document and shortcuts:

To play on your computer: install Igowin. Igowin plays on a 9x9 board and has a good tutorial for learning how to play.

"The Way To Go" (W2Go8x11.pdf) is a good tutorial for learning how to play Go in a printable form.

9x9board3.pdf is a printable 9x9 board to play face to face. You need some creativity to supply playing pieces (nickels and pennies; craftstore/aquarium glass stones; any two sets of things of a different color that will fit on the board.) 

The American Go Association shortcut takes you to the national organization.

Go Server shortcuts to play online:
KGS Go Server
The Internet Go Server
Dragon Go Server
Yahoo Games Go

Online Go Information and forum shortcuts:
Senseis Library
361 Points = Go

Online Go Vendor shortcuts:
Slate and Shell
Yellow Mountain Imports

Shortcut to Go Anime
Hikaru No Go