Updated 4/24/08 files: DoIt.bat, PairPro.jar, pairpro.cfg, PairPro.doc
    - DoIt.jar: bug fix, edits wrong file
    - 3 PairPro file: add features, pull down lists for handicap and komi

Updated 4/25/08 files: PairPro.jar, pairpro.cfg, PairPro.doc
    -remove handicap of 1, valid values: 0, 2 thru max_handicap

This page shows how I run the ratings system for the Guang Hua Weiqi Class.
The previous manual edit method is described here.

First, create a directory you wish to use for your rating system.

Next, download into that directory the following files:
AccelRat - the rating system package (6 files) created by Paul Matthews
DoIt.bat - a batch file to control the whole process
DoRatings.bat - a batch file to control the ratings input and generation
pairpro.cfg - the configuration file for the PairPro graphical input program
ARlist.bat - a batch file to create rating lists from the AccelRat database
PairPro.jar - a Java graphical input program to enter game results (download may change the extension to .zip, force it to be .jar)
database1.tde - a sample database to edit with initial names and rating

The rating system manipulates two types of files that both end with a .tde suffix.

The main type is a series of database files with one database file used as a base to generate the next database file.  One way to do this is start with the name database1.tde and add 1 each time you run the system to create a series like database1.tde, database2.tde, database3.tde, etc.  Another way is use a naming system like db080413.tde  (2 digit year,month,day format)  using the date the database file is generated. Edit the sample database1.tde file with any text editor to enter all the players in the club/class.  The first token is the player id, select a unique value for each player.   I prefix the player ids with the club/class initials to avoid confusing club/class ids with AGA ids.  For example:  GH102  for Guang Hua player #102.  The player names must be in quotes as per the example. The rating must be a number with a decimal point.  Negative numbers are Kyu ratings and positive numbers are Dan ratings.  Sigma must be a positive number with a decimal point.  For new players choose a sigma value of 6.0 and AccelRat will adjust it towards 0.0 as the rating stabilizes. 

The other type of file is an intermediate batch of game results to be applied to a database.  In the example the results file is named results.tde.  This file name does not need to change as it gets recreated every run with new pairing data (you may change it's name for every run to keep the history, but that is optional.) 

The entire ratings process is controlled by the batch file DoIt.bat. You run DoIt.bat by double clicking on it in the file explorer.  DoIt.bat will run a number of programs/batch files in sequence, one after another as follows:

1) Edits DoRatings.bat to set the original and new database files, follow the directions at the top of the file.  You must save and close notepad  to continue to the next step.

2) Edits pairpro.cfg to set the player_file to the original database file from step 1, follow the directions at the top of the file. You must save and close notepad  to continue to the next step.

3) Runs DoRatings.bat which runs other programs/batch files with the proper parameters as follows:

4) Runs PairPro.jar Java program which reads the latest database and presents a GUI with pull down lists to input the game results for the run.  When all the results are entered, click on the Export Results button (which generates the results.tde file.) Close the PairPro application using the close button in the upper right corner to continue to the next step. 

5) Runs ARlocal.bat which runs AccelRat to generate the next database file and some interesting reports about all the parings. 

6) Runs ARList.bat which runs AccelRat again to read the new database file and create the updated ratings reports for the class/club.

7) DoRatings.bat  will pause at the end so you can see the names of  all the reports generated, hit the space bar to exit.

The reports show results in a couple of formats, including html and text.

Before making run with new players you must add new players by editing the last database file with a text editor to add a new line for each new player.  Pick a reasonable inital rating and set the sigma value to 6.0 so that the rating will adjust quickly.   If an exisiting player seems to be stuck at a rating  you may manually edit the players sigma to 6.0 to allow for a faster adjustment, or even manually adjust the rating.

To collect game results, I created a form which may be printed and filled out at the playing location. The reporting form may be downloaded from here.

The PairPro program may also be used to import a tdlist file created from the AGA website and create a tournament results file suitable for submission to the AGA for small hand paired tournaments.  Complete documentation for PairPro may be downloaded from here.