Club News: 

The "How to Develop your game Seminar" held  December 13, 2003 was a pretty good success.  16 people showed up and many fun games where had.  Duane and Harrold went over two games for us.  One a ING 2001 game and the other a 5k vs. 5k game that had a very similiar opening.  It was very enlightening to be able to find the right direction for development after the seminar.  I felt most of the players improved by 2 stones each.

If you have any creative ideas to support the club, contact Joe Carl

Go (or Igo -- also known as Wei Chi or Baduk) is an ancient board game of strategy and territory.  Created in China and cultivated in Japan, this deceivingly simple game is enjoyed by millions yet rarely known to most westerners.  While only simple rules govern play, the strategies range from the simple and obvious to the complex and obscure, resulting in a game of subtle elegance, intuition, and finesse.  Although anyone of any age can be taught the game in minutes, mastery takes years

"A day to learn?  How long to master?" I asked, "Just a lifetime, maybe a little longer." He replied

Go takes simple elements: black and white, wood and stone, line and pattern, and transforms them into complex interaction between players.  A game of skill involving no elements of chance, Go is a game that involves two players placing stones on a grid who seek to secure more territory than their opponent.  Alternating turns, each player tries for the most advantageous and economical position, attempting to out maneuver the opponent by claiming territory while simultaneously attacking their opponents stones.
Go is an active, cooperative relationship.  Opponents rely on each other to create the game and its resulting challenges.  What results from a game of Go is something that transcends the board and game and can be carried to all aspects of life.
We are an enthusiastic and active club in the Akron/Canton/Cuyahoga Falls area.  Members range from beginners to experienced Go players, all ages welcome and someone willing to teach the game to new players is always on hand.